The Steps in Successfully Raising Happy Kids According to Psychology and Science

Serious father talking to teenage son at home

Every responsible and loving parent wants nothing but the safety and good health of their kids. But as a role model to your young ones, the responsibility doesn’t end in good health and safety from the harm brought by the environment around them. The truth is health and safety are not enough. It also is as equally important to raise them as happy individuals.

Both science and psychology agree that there are certain steps parents can take in order to ensure that their children grow up happy. There are parents out there who believe that being happy is only secondary to being disciplined, but the thing is happiness is a crucial element for young people as they grow up. You must start accepting the fact that kids need to be happy as they grow should you want them to be successful in their adulthood. Click more info.

Therefore, find time to take these necessary steps in raising a happy child.

1 – Set a good example by being happy.

You probably already know that being happy is a type of emotion that’s too difficult to fake. The people you spend most of your time with will figure out if you’re happy or not. This includes your kids. There are a number of research done in the past that effectively links the depression in mothers to that of negative or bad attitude in children. This means that if you don’t wish your kids to develop behavior issues in the future, then you need to set a good example by showing them that you are for the most part genuinely happy about your life.

2 – Start teaching them how to build relationships.

Children these days are hooked up to their gadgets and iPads. If you really care about your kids, then you need to read those science articles that reveal how gadgets can lead to depression in them. What’s even more alarming with kids who are hooked up to gadgets is that they fail to spend time interacting with other kids and building relationships in the process. The lack of socialization and friends will lead to an emotionally unhappy kid.

3 – Teach them to embrace optimism.

You probably consider the phrase, “looking at the bright side” as overrated, but for young ones like you kids, teaching them about optimism is quite important because it leads to happiness. Being down, disappointed, sad, or even stressed is common in kids growing up since they have to deal with stuff like failures in school, separation with friends and family, and the like. Hence, your job as a parent is to teach them how to look at the brighter side of negative things because it will make them realize that there is more to sadness and failures than meets the eye. See for Dr John Toussaint.

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